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Genre(s): AU, Action/Adventure, Romance
Rating: R
Character/Pairing: John Sheppard/OFC, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay.Het/Slash/Gen: Het
Word count: 2,189
Disclaimer: I do not own them, I would have treated them better.
Summary: John Sheppard and the crew of the Pegasus Star dock at Alliance Space Station 17 to drop off supplies and take shore leave. Little do they know what awaits them.
Prompt: Week 28 Prompt – Pang.

Author's Notes: Been a busy week, so this is only the first segment of Part Three in this week-to-week story…did manage to get a reference for pang in this segment, although the second segment of Part Three will deal more with pangs…of desire in that case. So, the next segment will have more pang and hopefully, the next prompt.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Please note: This story is rated R and does contain nudity and sexual situations, although not all chapters will contain R-rated material.


By stella_pegasi

Part One: The Wolf's Cave
Part Two: The Colony

Part Three: The Path to Prion (Segment One)

Sheppard plopped down on the large couch, putting his feet up on the low table in front of him, as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

“Ana…sit down.”

“How can you be so casual about this?’

“I’m not, but expending energy you might need later is foolish; now sit down and try to relax. I don't think they have any intention of killing us; they want something.”

She stood with her arms crossed staring at him for a few seconds, then sat down in a chair. Sheppard watched as she absently rubbed her right wrist, now bare of the bracelet. Peer Haron confiscated it before they were transported to the security compound.

“Want to tell me about the bracelet?”

She frowned, pursing her lips, “Nothing to tell, really; my dad gave it to me for my birthday many years ago, told me that he found it in a market on Ural. I’ve worn that bracelet every day since then.”

“Ana, it appears to be very important to the Prions, and considering your father’s life work has been studying the Prions, don’t you think it might be connected?”

“Yes…I’m sure it is.” She fidgeted, “Dad just never said anything about it. John, the markings on that bracelet don’t match anything I’ve seen associated with the Prion Empire.”

“Somehow, I think your father knew exactly what the bracelet was.”

“The Prion are supposed to be extinct; yet here they are…Dad always believed that they had survived but could never find proof. I asked him before he left on this mission if it had anything to do with his work on the Prion Empire, and he said no, just that the Alliance requested his help. Yet, it does have something to do with the Prions. Why would he lie to me?”

Sheppard shook his head, “Can’t answer that for you.”

"What do you think these people want from us?"

"I think they want to know how you acquired that bracelet and what we know about it."

Ana shuddered, "Do you think they are listening to us?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe, but it really doesn't matter; I don't think this Peer Haron character believed anything we said to him."

The only door to the room opened and a man, dressed in a dark-blue tunic and pants, brought in a tray of food and a pitcher full of an amber liquid. "Peer Haron has sent food and drink for you." He sat the tray down on the low table in front of the couch and left.

Sheppard smiled, "Hungry?" Ana shook her head, and he cajoled, "Yeah…you are…back to that energy thing, eat when you can." He patted the couch; reluctantly, she sat next to him. He held out a piece of bread to her, "Eat."

They ate some of the bread and cheese on the platter, then Sheppard poured them both a drink. He took a sip first, "It's the same ale from the tavern."

As Ana took the glass, her fingers slid between his, gazing into Sheppard's eyes, she whispered, "John…"

Her hair had fallen across her face, and he brushed the dark strand aside, "I know…" A slight smile touched his lips, "Drink your ale."

Both took a long drink and within seconds, Ana began to sway; she dropped the glass and fell against Sheppard. He managed to get an arm around her before his vision blurred, then fell against the back of the couch unconscious.


The pounding in his head increased exponentially as the light flooding his eyelids increased. Sheppard cautiously opened his eyes to the glare, to find he was sitting in a bright room. He attempted to move but discovered his arms and legs bound to the chair, and his jacket and shirt missing. As his eyes adjusted, he realized that he was alone. Where was Ana?

He yelled for someone but nearly an hour passed before the door opened and Peer Haron entered, accompanied by two other men. Sheppard glared at them, "Thought you forgot me."

Haron's eyebrow rose as he answered, "Why John Braden of Persina Prime, how could you think I would forget you? I have questions and I need answers from you."

"Where's Ana?"

"No…no….that is not how this works…I ask the questions and you answer."

"Not telling you a fucking thing until you tell me where Ana is, and if she's alright."

Haron took a step back, nodding to one of the men with him; the man withdrew a thin wand-like rod from beneath his robe. He pressed a small disk on the larger end, and the wand activated, glowing brilliant neon blue. Swiftly, the man jabbed Sheppard in the center of his torso; Sheppard attempted to stifle a scream but couldn't as a sharp burning pain radiated through his chest.

"I really despise resorting to violence; it is so primitive. However, you offer me no other choice. Barbarians…you are all barbarians.’

Sheppard sucked in a deep breath, "You…you're the barbarian…here."

Haron flicked his hand and his associate prodded Sheppard again, eliciting another scream. Haron asked sternly, "Where did you find the bracelet?"

His voice trembling from the effects of the current that had coursed through his body, Sheppard answered, "We…t-told you…t-traded for it."


"D-don't remember…."

Haron turned abruptly, "Teach him a lesson; I will question the woman."


The room where Sheppard was imprisoned was in darkness, a fact for which he was quite grateful. He was drifting in and out of consciousness. His chest burning from repeatedly being jabbed by the plasma rod; his hands and feet were numb from being bound for so long, and his head was throbbing. Straining to hear any sound from outside the door, he heard only silence. As he slid into sleep once more, his last thought was of Ana.

He woke abruptly, feeling as though someone was shaking him. As he became more alert, he realized that someone was, and was softly speaking to him, "Colonel Sheppard, wake up; we don't have much time."

"Wha…who…who are you? Where's Ana?" Sheppard's throat was dry and his voice broke as he spoke. Whoever this man was, he was releasing the bindings on his hands.

"Colonel, she's fine. There is no time for long explanations; I need you to listen. I'm Alliance Lieutenant Brody Myles; we infiltrated the Prions to investigate members of the Alliance military that are working with them. I recognize you from the Rellang System Rebellion; I was just out of the Academy, assigned to the Lago, when you came onboard to lead the assault on the rebel stronghold. When I saw you here, I figured you must be working undercover."

Sheppard was rubbing his hands, which were painfully tingling as the blood flowed into his fingers. "Myles, I have nothing to do with this, I had no idea that the Prions were still around."

"Doesn't matter, sir; actually, I need your help. We found out what they're planning, it's big sir, really big. I know you have a ship here, and right now, the Prions are without an off-world transport. Peer Haron sent their ship for supplies from wherever the main colony is located. I think the peer was going to use your ship, so we sabotaged it."

"Sabotaged…well, that's unfortunate."

Myles finished unfastening the straps around Sheppard's feet, "Not to worry…we took the starter control, got it here in my pocket." He clasped Sheppard's arm, "Can you stand, sir?"

"Yeah," Sheppard was wobbly and he couldn't feel his feet, but he managed to stand, "Any idea where my shirt and jacket are?"

Myles handed Sheppard his shirt, "Right here, sir. I have your jacket and your sidearm."

As he pulled his gray shirt over his head, Sheppard asked, "Don't they have surveillance? Won't they see you helping me?"

"No…no surveillance equipment and your guards are asleep, thanks to a little help from us. We've been planting the idea for a while that there were traitors among the refugees so that we could use them if we had to for cover. By the time your escape has been discovered, there will be enough evidence that these guys are the traitors."

Sheppard took his weapon belt and fastened it around his hips and thigh, "Myles, where's the woman who was with me?" He was holding his breath, hoping Myles wouldn't notice how anxious he was.

"She's in a room down the hall."

"Let's go; I'm not leaving here without her."

Myles stepped into the hall, "Come on; it's clear." Sheppard followed, avoiding stepping on an unconscious guard.

Another "Prion" was standing outside the door they were headed for, "Sir; she's in there."

Sheppard rushed into the room, to find Ana similarly tied to a chair as he had been. Her jacket and blouse were also removed leaving her dressed only in a thin silk chemise. Spotting her clothes, he grabbed them, as Brody began to untie her.

Pangs of guilt for exposing her to such a danger racked Sheppard as he knelt next to her. Lifting her chin, he whispered, "Ana are you alright?"


"Yeah, it's me." She slumped forward as her hands became free and fell into Sheppard's arms. "Let's get your top on." As he helped her, he asked the lieutenant, "Myles, did they use that wand thing on her?"

Myles smiled in the dim light, "They did, but according to Blaine here, she never gave anything away; stuck to her original story. She's pretty tough, sir."

"Ana, can you stand up?" She nodded and Sheppard pulled her to her feet, supporting her as she struggled into her jacket.

"Lieutenant, how do we get to the ship?"

"It well past midnight; and Peer Haron has retired for the evening so he won't be looking for us. We'll take you to the spaceport."

Sheppard slid his arm around Ana's waist, and with Myles leading the way, they exited the security building into the colony's streets. As they walked, Myles quietly explained what they knew.

"Colonel, according to what we uncovered, the Prions came out of hiding many years ago, but remained as elusive as they could. They infiltrated the Alliance and brought government and military leaders from many planets to their side. They've been establishing these colonies in remote areas for the last year. There is little Prion technology here, I don't think they wanted to be noticed as they spread their strongholds across the galaxy. The colonies are intended to be future staging areas for an invasion. They are planning on taking control of the galaxy."

Ana asked, her voice quaking, "Have you met a man by the name of Russell Élan?"

"No, ma'am; I haven't, but I overheard Haron telling his assistant that some Alliance members from Earth had been taken to the base. Perhaps this man you are asking about is one of those people."

Sheppard asked, "Base…any clue where this base is, lieutenant?"

"No, sir; that's one of the reasons we're here, we want to know where that base is."

They were near the side gate on the compound's perimeter wall when a sentry ran up, "Haron just left the compound; Bini says he's planning on using the Persinian ship."

Myles spun toward Sheppard, "Too late to get you to town and onboard the ship; come, quickly."

Myles, and the two other covert operatives with him, led Sheppard and Ana to the far side of the compound and into a building, then descended a narrow staircase into a dark, damp, musty cellar. Against a long wall stood an oversized cabinet, one of Myles' men slid open hidden wall panel and pulled down a lever. The cabinet slid silently along a track revealing an opening in the wall, beyond was darkness.

"We decided we might need an escape route, so we managed to get this tunnel built; it ends in the hills above the town. Once you exit, stay on the path to the right, and you will find what looks like an abandoned cabin. It's actually a safe house, there are provisions and weapons, go there; we'll come for you as soon as we can. You'll need these." Myles handed Sheppard the starter control for the ship and an electronic key for the cabin. One of the men took a couple of flashlights from a drawer in the cabinet, handing them to Ana and Sheppard.

"Colonel, in case we don't make it back to you, this is a copy of the data crystal that has everything that we have learned about the Prions on it, along with what we could safely download from their database. There are some weapons' schematics and some information about other colonies. Please get this to the Alliance for me."

"I will, Myles; thanks and take care. Listen…my people will probably come for us; the ship is called the Pegasus Star…help them." Myles nodded.

Sheppard turned to Ana, "Ready?"

"Yes, I am," she turned to Myles and his men, "gentlemen…thank you."

They entered the passageway the cabinet sliding closed behind them. In the deathly silence, Sheppard took Ana's hand and led them down the tunnel, leaving the colony behind.

End of Part Three, Segment One
To be continued…


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Dec. 10th, 2011 06:27 pm (UTC)
I love all the names you come up with hon. And with your descriptions, I can actually picture all of this in my head. I'm sure there are a lot of pangs of lust in this story that have still to be revealed. Loved the whump by the way!
Looking forward to where our adventure goes with the next prompt!!
Dec. 10th, 2011 07:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you...didn't quite have time to get to the pangs of lust as I had intended...next week. Glad you liked the little bit of whump, and appreciate your comments very much.

On to the next prompt, can't wait!

Thanks again!
Dec. 10th, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)
Oh, Sheppard! When will you learn not to drink beverages from strangers?

This is revving up nicely. Can't wait to see what happens next!
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