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Week 12: Cycle of Life, OT4, NC17, Kink

Title: Cycle of Life
Author: ALF
Rating: NC17
Pairing: OT4
Warnings: Kink - i.e. bondage, bottom!John, AMTDI
Summary: An alien ritual makes John into a sacrifice
Word Count: 2732
Notes: This is not non-con, it's not even dub-con, John is a willing - nay, enthusiastic, participant. Not angsty or a death fic either, I don't do either of those things. This is me losing my SGA Saturday virginity and as I like to make an entrance, you get almost all my favourite things in it (see warnings above) *g* (NB: not beta'd so please point out any glaring errors).

"No." John's refusal was implacable. "I won't do it, I can't do it."

"John," Teyla tried to reason with him, but he shook his head and turned away. "Rodney?" she asked, looked to him to explain.

Rodney shook his head as well, exasperated by John's inability to articulate. "The Colonel is not going to be able to perform your little ritual for you," he informed the high mucky muck who was standing off to one side, all but wringing his hands in distress.

"If he is unable to perform, then he must be the sacrificial one," another priestly type said.

Ronon growled at that, from his position near the door, hand on his blaster.

"Oh no, no," the head priest guy said. "It is not as you think, I assure you. Merely, that someone must receive the blessing from our honored guests and if you will not bless one of ours, then as your leader, Honored Sheppard may take that role. But if he does, then the rest of you must give him the blessing, so that he receives the essence from all of you."

"Of course," Rodney muttered, shaking his head. It figured that Sheppard would end up in this situation. The high priest's hand gestures left nothing to the imagination, even if he hadn't already spelled out what was expected of the Lanteans who had arrived in time for the blessing of the spring planting.

John suddenly turned back around. "I'll do that," he said.

"No! What? Sheppard!" Rodney sputtered at him, unable to believe that he was so willing to do this, when he either wouldn't or couldn't perform with someone else.

"A minute, please, Trevayne?" Sheppard asked the priest. "I need to discuss this with my team."

Trevayne bowed his head and ushered his acolytes and the girl who was supposed to be the sacrifice out the door.

"Look," Sheppard said the second the door closed behind them. "I can do this, it's not a problem for me."



"Why won't you let him?" Ronon's voice was the loudest of the three.

Teyla and Rodney turned surprised looks on him, but Sheppard just nodded approvingly, all business. "Thanks, Ronon," he said, already starting to unfasten his tac vest.

"I don't share!" Rodney burst out, unable to stop himself.

Teyla and Ronon just looked resigned at that, while John shook his head and crossed to Rodney. "It's alright, buddy," he said. "I promise my ass is exclusively yours. We'll let Trevayne know that."

"Alright, good, then," Rodney jutted his chin up stubbornly. "Teyla and Ronon won't know what hit them once they get your mouth on them. But I'm the only one who gets to fuck you."

John looked amused and brought Rodney close for a quick kiss. He nodded towards the door and Ronon opened it, letting the others back in.

"We've agreed, on one condition," Teyla told Trevayne. "The Colonel and Dr. McKay are in an exclusive pair bond, so is there some flexibility as to how the blessing may be shared?"

"Of course, Honored Emmagen," Trevayne nodded at once. "If Honored Sheppard wishes to receive the essence from you and Honored Dex in his mouth, while receiving just Honored McKay in his rear, that is perfectly acceptable."

Rodney snorted at the use of the word "rear," but didn't otherwise react, although he stayed hovering close to Sheppard.

Teyla nodded at Trevayne and turned back to the team. Sheppard signaled his agreement, so Trevayne turned to lead the way to the altar room of the temple, where the blessing would take place.

Sheppard was led to a side room, where he quickly undressed, receiving assurances from Trevayne that his clothing and weapons would be quite safe there. He was pleased to note that both Teyla and Ronon were standing where they could keep an eye on the room during proceedings as well.

Rodney was waiting at the foot of the altar, fidgeting a little as he stood there, eyes darting around the room. He looked up as Sheppard came into view, shaking his head at the complete lack of modesty as the naked figure sauntered over to the altar as casual as he was when fully clothed.

"Gonna give me a hand up, Rodney?" he asked, smirking a little as he did so.

"Yes, yes, let's get on with it," Rodney said, gesturing at the large stone in front of them.

"Front or back?" Sheppard asked as he moved closer.

"Well, unless you can suck cock and eat pussy upside down, I think on your belly would work best," Rodney snapped.

Sheppard snorted. "Wow, McKay, way to be polite there," he said, stepping up on to the stone and lying face down.

Rodney made a rude, dismissive noise, reaching for the rope that was attached to the nearest corner of the stone. "Manners aren't everything," he said, slipping the loop of rope over Sheppard's wrist, before tightening it carefully. He then walked around in front of Sheppard and secured the second wrist just as carefully.

Sheppard managed to grab Rodney's fingers before he could move away. "Hey, it'll be okay, I promise," he said, giving Rodney an intent look.

"Of course you will," Rodney said irritably, deliberately misunderstanding what Sheppard had told him and interpreting the real meaning behind the words. Then he pulled free and hurried down the length of the altar to secure both ankles as well.

Sheppard lay there, as relaxed as he could be in the circumstances, waiting for what came next. A loud boom of a gong being sounded made him startle, but the ropes held him in position.

"The Lanteans have come among us at an auspicious time," Trevayne said loudly, voice echoing in the large room. "They will share the blessing of the spring planting with us, thereby honoring our traditions and showing their worth. For that we thank them and promise to share in the bounty which will surely follow when harvest time comes." The gong sounded again, then the room fell into an expectant hush.

Sheppard felt familiar hands on his ass, kneading a moment, he murmured in appreciation at the feel of Rodney's touch, then looked up when he felt something brush his lips.
"Big guy," he said, grinning up the length of Ronon's body, before returning his gaze to the long, hard cock in front of him.

Ronon snorted, then rubbed his cock carefully over Sheppard's lips again. Sheppard's mouth opened and a pink tongue darted out to taste, flicking once over the head, before Sheppard hummed in approval. Ronon looked down at the full lips, which had featured in his fantasies before now. Sheppard had a real cocksucker's mouth and Ronon was looking forward to trying it out.

Glancing up, Ronon could see an acolyte remove a bowl from one of the small fires that burned on pillars nearby. He took it to McKay and said something to him. McKay nodded and dipped his fingers into the bowl. When he withdrew, his hand glistened with what was obviously oil of some kind. McKay looked up at Ronon then and nodded at him. They had had a very brief conversation before, while Sheppard was undressing and agreed on their course of action.

As McKay reached to press one oiled finger into Sheppard's ass, Ronon rubbed his cock across Sheppard's face once more, then rested it against his mouth. Sheppard moaned and Ronon took immediate advantage, pushing his cock in between the parted lips, one hand coming to rest on Sheppard's head as he did so.

Ronon quickly established a rhythm, holding Sheppard's head in place, as he worked his cock in and out of his mouth, pushing steadily deeper on each in stroke. As he looked up, he could see McKay dipping into the bowl of oil once more, this time all his fingers coming out dripping in the liquid.

Rodney pushed three fingers into Sheppard, hearing him grunt a little around his mouthful of cock. Ronon was generous in size, but not bigger than Rodney himself, which pleased him more than a little. He twisted the fingers buried in Sheppard's ass, taking care to stay away from his sensitive prostate. Satisfied with Sheppard's readiness and relieved that he, too, was all the way hard now, Rodney withdrew his fingers, ignoring the little whimper of displeasure he heard.

The acolyte was there to unfasten Rodney's pants for him, pulling them down, along with his boxers, so that Rodney just had to slick himself up from the oil left on his hand. He shook his head at the towel he was offered and shuffled forward into place between Sheppard's legs, the stone notched in the perfect place to allow him to do so.

As Rodney's cock slid easily into Sheppard's slick, hot ass, he hummed in approval, gripping Sheppard's hips in a way sure to leave bruises. Sheppard groaned in pleasure as Rodney bottomed out inside him and Rodney looked up to see his face buried in Ronon's groin, the other man's cock clearly buried in his throat.

Rodney set a leisurely pace, knowing that this needed to last a while. He had to keep fucking Sheppard through both Ronon and Teyla's pleasure-taking in order for the blessing to be considered a success.

Sheppard was in bliss, one hard cock shoved down his throat, while another was buried in his ass. He'd never had this before, however much he'd wanted to, fantasized about it. It was fantastic. Although he didn't want this to be a regular thing, he hoped Rodney would consider some toys that would allow them to replicate this scene back on Atlantis.

Sheppard got lost in the fucking, unable to move much, but rocking between the cock in his mouth and the one is his ass, feeling the stone beneath him get slick from the pre-come oozing from his own hardon, which persisted despite the uncomfortable position and cold, roughness he was secured against.

Eventually, though, Ronon started to speed up, holding Sheppard's hair tightly as he fucked Sheppard's mouth hard. Sheppard made muffled noises of encouragement as Ronon worked himself to completion, come pouring down Sheppard's bruised throat in long, hot pulses.

Ronon finally withdrew with a grunt, stumbling back a little, as he released his grip on Sheppard's hair. Sheppard looked lost in a haze of pleasure, eyes closed as he licked his lips repeatedly, clearly chasing Ronon's taste. An acolyte was there to steady him, as Ronon moved away, barely feeling the light touch on his arm as Teyla passed him.

Teyla was throbbing in her BDUs, eager for her turn at Sheppard's mouth. Ronon's reaction to him indicated clearly that he was just as much a master as Rodney had suggested earlier and she couldn't wait to find out if he was as good at cunnilingus as he clearly was at sucking cock.

Another acolyte helped Teyla lower her pants and underwear and then she was in front of Sheppard, whose mouth was red and swollen from where it had worked Ronon's cock. She hummed in approval, feeling how wet she was already, looking down Sheppard's body, which was sheened in sweat, to where Rodney stood at his ass, gripping tightly as he thrust in and out.

For a moment, Teyla was mesmerized by the sight of Rodney's thick cock, glistening with lube, appearing and disappearing between Sheppard's cheeks. A voice saying her name brought her attention back and she looked down to see Sheppard grinning at her. His eyes were glazed and dark with lust, but he looked present and aware, as he watched her.

"Ready for your turn?" he asked eagerly, barely waiting for her nod, before his tongue flicked out to taste, just as she had seen him do with Ronon. Teyla moaned, unable to stop herself pushing her hips forward, into Sheppard's face. He chuckled against her, then put his mouth to work.

Rodney watched as Teyla took Ronon's place, seeing clearly how much she was enjoying Sheppard's mouth, just like Ronon had. Rodney continued to pump in and out of Sheppard's ass, only occasionally brushing his prostate, thanking his lucky stars that he had stamina in this arena, at least. Otherwise the sight of both his uber hot team mates taking their pleasure from Sheppard's mouth would have tipped him over the edge long ago.

Sheppard was clearly enjoying himself, making noises of approval and want, even though he was occupied with Teyla. His ass clenched tightly on Rodney's cock every so often and his hips jerked, despite his bonds, as he responded to the pounding from Rodney.

Teyla came hard and fast, surprised at the sensations, shaking like a leaf as pleasure swamped her body. Rodney looked up and knew that was his cue. He thrust hard a few more times, getting closer to the edge. When he was almost ready to come, he reluctantly withdrew, ignoring the noises of protest from Sheppard. This wasn't his preference, but Trevayne had made it clear what was required from him.

Sheppard whined as he was left empty, wondering why Rodney had stopped before he'd come. Then he heard slick noises behind him that sounded like Rodney jerking himself off and made a despairing sound, sore throat making it hard for him to articulate.

Rodney couldn't hold back any longer, and he came just as Trevayne had instructed, striping John's ass and back with his release, moaning as he struggled to stay upright through the waves of pleasure coursing through his body.

Then an acolyte was there, as there had been for Ronon and Teyla, steadying him and uttering words of praise and approbation as he looked at John. Rodney resisted the temptation to snarl at him for looking at John like that, but it wasn't easy. Then Trevayne was there, nodding dismissal at the acolyte.

"Congratulations Honored McKay, you have truly delivered an inspired blessing today," he said, not a trace of sarcasm in his tone. "Now, you may give Honored Sheppard the joy of releasing his essence as well."
Rodney forced himself to stand upright and alone, nodding once at Trevayne as he did so, then moved back to where Sheppard still lay on the altar, body limp and relaxed, despite the setting. Rodney felt a twinge of pleasure at the sight of him lying there, covered in Rodney's come, even though he knew there was no chance of getting it up again any time soon.

As Rodney approached him, Sheppard turned his head and gave him a goofy, blissed-out smile. "Hey Rodney," he said huskily.

Rodney shook his head at him, if he didn't know better, he'd think Sheppard was high. His pupils were blown and his mouth swollen, hair even more of a mess than usual. In a word, he looked debauched. "Time for you to spill the holy essence," he told Sheppard.

"Good," Sheppard slurred, lifting his hips eagerly. Rodney shook his head at him, then moved to where he could comfortably reach under the still-bound Sheppard to grip his cock. He wasn't surprised to find it slick and hot in his hand, Sheppard had to be desperate to come by now.

Squeezing firmly, in the way he knew Sheppard liked best, Rodney began to stroke him hard and fast, Sheppard moaned and writhed, lost in the sensations, as got closer and closer to the edge. Then he cried out and froze, allowing Rodney to feel the hot splash of his come, milking Sheppard through his release, then gently him through the aftershocks.

Finally, Sheppard collapsed limply once more onto the stone, nearly trapping Rodney's hand beneath him. Ronon and Teyla came forward to free his wrists and ankles from their bonds, then they were helping Sheppard off the altar, accepting the robe that Trevayne offered personally to wrap him in. Ronon and Teyla left Rodney to guide him off the small alcove that held his clothes and gear, knowing they'd need some privacy after what had just happened. Teyla would probably want to begin negotiations immediately, while Ronon would be eager for the feast they'd been promised earlier. All Rodney really wanted to do was curl up with Sheppard and sleep for a week, but he knew that wasn't practical, so he mentally geared himself up for the rest of the mission, while giving Sheppard the support he still needed.


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Aug. 15th, 2011 05:23 pm (UTC)
\o/ OT4! thank you for this piece of hotness. :)) I'm glad that poor girl didn't have to be sacrifice; John made a much better one. :D
Aug. 15th, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
Well, thank *you* for the lovely comment! And John is definitely a much better sacrifice than having to f*ck some poor random girl!
Aug. 16th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
I should start by saying, I'm not a shipper/slasher/etc. I have no problem with the genre, just not my favorite for Atlantis. I just don't see the characters this way. I am so horribly cannon-focused on these characters that I have trouble with AU stories. Love all this in other fandoms, it's just a thing for me and SGA. I'm attempting to get over my phobia in regards to Atlantis.

That said...this was hot...and as always, Sheppard takes one for the team!
Aug. 17th, 2011 07:15 am (UTC)
Well, thank you for reading something that is obviously outside your comfort zone!

And thanks for finding it hot. And Sheppard does take one for the team beautifully *g*
Aug. 18th, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)
Congratulations Honored Writer, you have truly delivered an inspired blessing today! HEE. Wow, Sheppard makes quite the centerpiece, y/y? Very enjoyable read, thank you!
Aug. 19th, 2011 04:49 am (UTC)
Thank you for your lovely comment, Honored Reader! :curtsies: Glad you enjoyed and yes, Shep does make a lovely centrepiece *eg*
Aug. 20th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
Oh my,
that was very lovely and also pretty darned hot!!!
Aug. 21st, 2011 08:05 am (UTC)
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :-)
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