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Jan. 28th, 2012

You guys LOVE dragons! Truly wonderful.

The Dragon's Nest by thefifthchevron, G (Gen)
The Geek with the Dragon Tattoo by mific, PG (Gen): Very few people know what's under Rodney's blue science shirt, souvenir of a troubled youth. John knows: it drives him crazy.
What's the Story Behind That Tattoo? by shaddyr, G (Gen): Based on The Geek with the Dragon Tattoo by mific.
Chasing the Dragon by trillingstar, NC-17 (John/Rodney, mention of John/Ford): See Warnings. Z's an interesting compound. It makes people malleable but not weak-willed, even though there are ways around stubbornness. It's also been used as an aphrodisiac, a painkiller, and a backdoor to dream sleep. Quick-acting and long-lasting, Z allows people to access greater brainpower, manifests as temporary strength and agility, and is deadly addictive.
The Not So Hidden Dragon by sixtail, PG-13 (Gen): John is cranky again, this time Jack is cranky along with him. Rodney mostly shuts up and tries not to get in the way of the alpha male posturing.
Team Dragon by syble, G (Gen): Another run in with Ancient Tech
Finn Farmwalker by squidgiepdx and elderwitty, PG (John/Rodney): It's Finn McKay's last Halloween as an only child, and John unknowingly gives him the perfect costume idea.
Quest by lar_laughs, PG (Gen): Fairy tale(ish) AU. John is a street rat in search of enough fame and fortune to pull his family out of the gutter. His heart isn't pure enough to make the quest to slay the dragon and he ends up stealing from a wizard. Not a smart thing to do. Not at all.
So Unfair by syble, G (Gen): Life can be so unfair

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