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Genre(s): AU, Action/Adventure, Romance
Rating: R
Character/Pairing: John Sheppard/OC, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, Rodney McKay.
Het/Slash/Gen: Het
Word count: 5,409
Disclaimer: I do not own them, I would have treated them better.
Summary: John Sheppard and the crew of the Pegasus Star dock at Alliance Space Station 17 to drop off supplies and take shore leave. Little do they know what awaits them.

Prompt: Week 27, Colony

Continuing my experiment of writing a story over a few weeks using the weekly prompt…colony worked nicely into the story…but wonder what Week 28 has in store for me. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.


By stella_pegasi

Part One: The Wolf's Cave Here

Part Two: The Colony

"The Wolf's Cave…there are a lot of stories going around about the nebula; lots of secrets supposedly hidden behind that dust."

John Sheppard was sitting on a couch, slouched in his usual 'I'm disinterested' manner, designed to conceal what he was really thinking. He requested they discuss Russell Élan's disappearance in a more private location, and Ana escorted them to her room at the hotel. He sent Teldy back to Traders to tell the others he would return later.

Dr. Rodney McKay was facing Sheppard, and he scoffed at the remark, "There are a lot of misconceptions about the nebula, but none of them are correct."

Sheppard decided to bait Ana's companion, "You would know these misconceptions are incorrect how, doctor? Are you some kind of expert on nebulas?"

"As a matter of fact…I am an expert. I'm an astrophysicist, and I will tell you right now, the rumors of hidden planets and gateways to other universes hidden behind the dust cloud are false. This particular nebula is thin; the dust, most likely carbon, iron, or silicates, barely blocks anything behind it. Hard to hide something when you can see through it. The blue reflection nebula is the result of light from an embedded star. It's all natural and it's all explainable; no magic involved."
McKay crossed his arms over his chest as he spoke, an action that didn't go unnoticed by Sheppard. He realized that the astrophysicist was just as wary about him as he was the doctor. McKay was marking his territory the only way he knew how, with knowledge.

"Ah…Dr. McKay, you take all the romance out of the wonders of the universe."

Ana laughed lightly at his remark, "You will discover, Colonel Sheppard that Rodney is a very focused man, dealing in the realities of everything, while most of us prefer to see the beauty before the reality."

Ana, who had once again been gazing out the viewport moved to sit in the chair next to McKay. Sheppard noticed her toying with a wide metal cuff on her right wrist; he had observed her doing the same thing at Traders the night before. She was troubled.

"Why do you suspect that something has happened to your father? It's been my experience, whether a mission is military or scientific, that communications can be interrupted for long periods of time."

"My father could, as all archeologists are prone to do, get so immersed in a project that he would ignore the passage of time. His assistants are always prodding him about that. No, he promised to return; it was too important. He wouldn't have missed the wedding for anything; nothing would stop him from returning unless he's been prevented from returning."

Sheppard felt a cold shiver run down his spine; wedding…Ana's and McKay's…he had to know, but could only manage one word, "Wedding?"

"Yes, wedding," she paused, and Sheppard thought he saw a tiny glimmer of mischievousness in her eyes as she looked at him, "my younger sister's wedding. It was to take place over a month ago; Lea is heartbroken, insisting on postponing her ceremony until our father returns."

"Tell me what you do know about your father's mission."

"As I said earlier, we know very little about what he was working on. The only thing we know for certain is that the Alliance had requested his assistance. Dad's specialty is the ancient Prion Empire; his life's work has been attempting to discover what happen to the Prions. We know that they are among the first major races in the universe, but they simply vanished thousands of years ago, never to be seen from again."

"Why would the Alliance send him here to investigate the Prions? What connection do they have to this part of the galaxy? If I remember correctly, the Prion Empire existed on the far side of the galaxy."

Ana rose, walking to the dresser, "You remember your history well, Colonel Sheppard," pulling a datacard from a leather bag; she inserted the tiny crystal card into a vidcom and handed it to Sheppard. "This is the last message I received from my father; we've had no other contact since." Sheppard took the vidcard, and read the message.


We are in danger; the Alliance lied to us. The wolf is in
the cave of blue light. I don't know what is going to
happen to us.

I love you and Lea very much.


"Pretty cryptic note, Ana."

She smiled, but her eyes were pained, "Yes, especially if you knew my father; he loves to tell the tales of his finds, feeling each minuscule detail will be as important to his listener as it is to him. Colonel, for him to write such a brief and dark note, it is very unlike him. How I received this note is also disturbing; it didn't come through the comsys; it was hand-delivered by a man who said my father paid him to bring the comcard to me. I suppose I should be thankful that he didn't pocket the money and toss the message."

"Any idea who the messenger was?"

McKay answered, "We got lucky. Ana's building has surveillance vids; I hacked into Interworld Security's database and ran a facial recognition program. The messenger's name is Ganer Pocen, a mate onboard an Earth passenger cruise ship, the Europa that regularly docks on SB17."

"So you think that because there is a connection between the space station and the Wolf's Cave nebula, this is the place to begin looking?" Ana nodded, and he continued, "You mentioned a planet where you think your father may be, why do you think that?"

"My father did considerable research before he left on the mission; Rodney managed to locate the file containing that research on Dad's personal computer. Unfortunately, the file offered no clues as to why Dad identified several solar systems and planets he wanted to investigate. The Fura system is not only the closest system to the nebula but also the closest system to the station. I found out by asking around the station that the planet, Maven, has a small population base. A group of refugees established a colony on the planet nearly 100 years ago. Somehow, I just…I know Dad, "she cast a furtive glance at McKay, "and his assistants are there."

Sheppard sat quiet for a moment, prompting Ana to ask, nervously, "Do you think you can help us? Neither Rodney or I can't fly a ship and there is no direct passage to the planet, nor do we have the credits to hire a ship. We can pay some, but it isn't much."

She was watching him, her dark-green eyes glistening with tears. Sheppard walked to her, handing her the vidcom, noting how her hand trembled as she took it from him.

"Ana, I need to talk to my crew; we have about two weeks before our next cargo pickup, and they were planning on some serious downtime. However, I will ask them, and have an answer for you as soon as possible."

He headed for the door, and Ana followed him, "Colonel, thank you; even if your crew decides not to help us, Rodney and I appreciate you listening to us."

She offered her hand in thanks, and he closed his larger hand around her small one, feeling a surge of desire as he touched her. He leaned down and whispered, "And it's John, not colonel." She dipped her head in acknowledgement but didn't answer him.
Reluctantly releasing her hand, he left but not before noticing McKay's distrustful expression.


"Let me get this straight, colonel; you're asking us to give up our leave in order to chase after some archeologist we don't even know for certain is missing?"

"Yeah, Lorne, I am, and I'm pretty certain he's missing."

Sheppard had gathered his entire team in Teyla's quarters. As he looked around the cramped room, he once again marveled at the faces of crew, familiar faces. They had all served on the Alliance ship he commanded, and after the Korvan mission went south, and he was assigned blame, he had decided to leave the ASC. Each of the people sitting in Teyla's quarters had resigned from the ASC in protest of his censure. Together they bought the freighter, and began new lives. Now he was asking them to give up their free time to help someone because he wanted to help her.

Ronon stretched his long legs out, "Sheppard…" he sighed, "what's in this for us?"

"Nothing, nothing at all, other than helping someone in need."

Teldy interrupted, "Look guys…I've known Ana Élan since I was in college; I trust her. We've stayed in touch on and off through the years. She's good people, and if she says her father is missing…he's missing."

Beckett asked, "What do we know about this planet?"

"Not much yet," Sheppard answered. "Ana learned that a colony was established on the planet by a group of refugees; just don't know where they came from, at the moment."

Sheppard watched as Lorne leaned over to Ronon, who in turn spoke to Teyla, then Beckett. He knew even if they didn't come with him, he was going to help Ana, but he also knew they'd have a better chance if the entire team with him.

Ronon grinned, "What do you think, Sheppard? Do you think we'd rather drink and carouse on the space station or go on a mission?"

"Knowing this crowd…I'd bet on the mission."


The chime barely silenced before the door flew open. Ana sucked in a breath when she saw it was him, then invited him in. McKay was stretched out on the couch, working on his pad. He looked up as Sheppard entered, casting the same distrustful look.

"Colonel…uh…John…, we didn't expect you to return so quickly." The tremor in her voice betrayed her nervousness.

McKay scoffed, "Don't get your hopes up, Ana."

Ana's eyes were wide, full of pain, "Did your team decide to help us?"

Sheppard nodded, "Yes…they want to help."

She uttered a small cry, throwing her arms around Sheppard's shoulders. Instinctively, he encircled her with his arms and pulled her close, lifting her off the floor. As Ana whispered 'thank you' he felt her being pulled away. McKay had grasped her by the arms, tugging her away from him.

McKay asked testily, "What's this going to cost us?"

Fighting back anger at McKay's action, Sheppard answered. "Nothing; Anne Teldy has served with me for many years, and I trust her. She wants to help her friend and so do I." His comments were aimed at McKay; he softened his voice as he continued, "We need a mission plan, my friend Teyla, who owns Traders, has offered us a private room for our use. Join us for lunch, we can begin."

"We'll be there; thank you John," this time the smile on Ana's face reached her eyes.


Teyla sat down at the table next to him as they waited for Ana and McKay to arrive. She pushed a beer in front of him, "I thought it was a bit early for your usual swill, but you look like you could use something."

Absently, he picked up the beer and took a drink, "Thanks."

"Why are you so anxious to help this woman, John?"

He didn't look at her, "Well…she's Teldy's friend, and she needs help."

"I know that is what you said this morning, but I know you very well, there is more going on here. You would help anyone, but this woman…I have the feeling you would have gone alone if we had not decided to help."

He glanced at her, "We?"

She grinned, "You do not think I would allow him leave without me after only one day, did you?"

He laughed and shook his head back and forth.

"You have not answered me, why this woman?"

"I told you…," he didn't continue; the door opened, and Ana and McKay entered the private dining room. Ana was dressed in a soft rose-colored sweater that clung to her curves, and a narrow chocolate brown skirt.

Teyla stood up, leaning over Sheppard's shoulder before she greeted her guests, "Oh… yes…Teldy's friend, who just happens to be quite gorgeous. I see exactly why you wanted to assist her." She patted him on the shoulder, "There is hope for you yet, John Sheppard."

They spent the afternoon gathering all the intel they could on the planet Maven and its inhabitants, which wasn't much, and formulating a plan. Ana, with McKay, in tow had returned to the hotel to pack and Ana wanted to contact her sister, although when cautioned by Sheppard not to tell Lea about their mission; she agreed to keep their plan a secret. Zelenka was headed back to the ship to begin to prepare for the trip and everyone else planned to spend the last night on the station, for at least a few days.

It was nearing midnight, and Sheppard was sitting alone at the bar in Traders, his back to the stage. The floorshow held no attraction for him; too many thoughts were racing through his mind. It had been a long time since he and his team, had planned a mission, and he was beginning to think he was out of practice.

Sheppard knocked his empty glass against the bar top, and the bartender quickly poured another scotch; his fourth since he arrived. He had a late dinner with Beckett, Ronon, and Teyla but those three had other plans for the night. Now, he was on his own, and he preferred it that way, although he'd received numerous suggestive offers from bar patrons to have a really interesting night if he wanted. He scoffed, several women, a couple of men, and one being, whose gender he couldn't determine, had offered him a good time; he had refused them all. What the hell was wrong with him? He was trying to decide what the answer was when she sat down next to him.

"John, I thought I might find you here." Her sultry voice startled him.

"Ana; what brings you to Traders this time of night?"

"I was attempting to fall asleep early, but I couldn't. I had to find you and thank you for helping us"

He motioned for the bartender to bring her a drink, "You can thank me if we find your father, but Ana," he turned his barstool to face her, "You realize that we might not."

Ana sucked in a breath, then exhaled slowly. A drink appeared in front of her and grabbing the glass, she took a long sip before she spoke. "I know that, I realize the odds of finding him and his assistants aren't very good, and that we might fail. At least, you're giving us the chance to try. If my father's dead, I think I can deal with it, as long as I know I tried to find him. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't have that chance."

"Sometimes chances are all we have, and sometimes they work out, but they often don't. It's a crap shoot out there."

"Well, I'm pretty good at craps, but I'm a better poker player," she smiled, "I can win some serious credits playing poker."

"You, poker? Really?"

"You might ask Teldy; I won a fair bit of her money in college. I was in grad school and a teaching assistant when we met. She was taking Cultural History of the Alliance course, and I was teaching the class while the prof was on sabbatical somewhere."

"A cardsharp, interesting…I'll have to remember that. What other interesting revelations do you have about yourself?"

"Probably more than you would like to know."

"Ummm…I think I could handle knowing more."

She took another long sip of her scotch before she turned to look at him, "I think you could." She slid off the barstool, "I just wanted to thank you before we left. I'll see you in the morning on the Pegasus. Good night, John." She started to leave but turned back and kissed him on the left cheek.

As he watched Ana walk away, her long dark hair swaying in cadence to the sway of her hips, Sheppard knew the answer to the question of what was wrong with him. What was wrong with him was leaving the bar.


The voyage to Maven had been underway for four hours when Sheppard decided to take a break from the bridge and get some coffee. As he stepped into the elevator, which would take him to the mess hall eight decks below, he chastised himself. Coffee was not what he wanted.

The door to the mess slid open revealing only Dr. Rodney McKay, sitting alone at a table next to the viewport; the astrophysicist didn't look up. Sheppard headed directly to the coffee pot, and poured a cup. "Hey, McKay, want a refill."

McKay's head jerked up, 'Uh….yeah, thanks." Sheppard grabbed the pot and brought it with him to the table, refilling McKay's mug.

Sheppard sat down across from the acerbic doctor, sitting quietly, sipping his coffee, waiting to see if McKay would talk to him. During the silence, Sheppard studied the man sitting in front of him. McKay was staring at his pad as data scrolled across the screen, intense the only way to describe the expression on his face.

A few moments passed before McKay spoke, "How the hell did a freighter get hold of the Alliance database?

One corner of Sheppard's mouth turned up slightly at McKay's remark, "Pays to have friends in high places."

McKay stared at him, "This database has classified information in it, some I can't even access with my code, and I've been on the Alliance Science Commission for a very long time. Did you steal this?"

"I told you, friends in high places." Sheppard's voice was terse, "Listen…I gave you access to our computer system to see if you could find anything that could help us. Did you find anything?"

"Not much; nothing really that we don't all ready know." The scientist appeared frustrated, "I can't even find much on this planet, Maven that Ana believes her father may be on. I don't know why she thinks that but once she gets something in her head…"

"How long have you known her?"

"Since college…," McKay replied absently as he began to search the data once more.

Sheppard wondered where Ana was, since he thought she was going to be in the mess hall, "Where are Ana and Teldy?"

"Full of questions, aren't you? I don't know, that woman named Teyla suggested a tour of the ship; I guess they left."

Sheppard rose, intending to leave, but McKay looked up, glaring at him. "What's your story, Sheppard? I know what Anne Teldy told Ana about you and why all of you are doing this freighter thing, but I think there's more to the story."

"Whatever Teldy told you, well…that's probably about right, she plays pretty straight."

"Really…she told Ana that you were in command of an extremely important mission for the Alliance, and that it went bad. The Alliance reprimanded you for a serious lapse of judgment, and took away your command. Teldy believes you were framed, she said your crew thought you'd been framed, and they resigned en mass to support you. Now, here you are, running freight across the galaxy. So is that true, were you framed or did you simply charm everyone into thinking that?"

"I'd say my charm, McKay, but I don't think you'd believe that." He headed for the door.

"Stay away from her; she's been hurt enough."

The door slid open and Sheppard hesitated but left without replying.

An hour later, after stopping by engineering to check on Zelenka, who was still bitching about the engines, Sheppard returned to the bridge to find the ship's tour was over; Teldy was sitting at her station, while Teyla and Ana chatted with Ronon. He slipped behind them and sat down in the command chair.

"Lorne, how long until we reach the moon?"

Lorne checked his monitor, "Forty-seven minutes, colonel."

Sheppard swung his chair to face Ana, "You should see Beckett, then go get changed and meet me in the port hanger bay.


The transport emerged from the shadows of the moon's dark side, leaving the Pegasus Star hidden. Sheppard engaged the hyperdrive once he was away from the large moon's gravitational pull.

"We'll be on Maven in about twenty minutes. Ana, you don't have to do this."

"You made your case yesterday, John; I told you, I am going with you. I can't ask you to put your life in danger if I'm not willing to do the same."

He hesitated to ask the next question, but felt he had to do so. "Do you think there is any reason that your father doesn't want to be found?"

She stiffened a bit, "No…I know you have to ask but no. Lea's wedding aside, he wouldn't just disappear. Lea and I are all he has; our mother died when we were very young and he has been devoted to us his entire life. He would not abandon us."

"I did have to ask." He pointed out the viewport, "Magnificent isn't it?"

The Wolf's Cave nebula nearly filled the sky; the dark dust appeared as a veil covering the glittering stars behind it. The blue reflection nebula, nestled at one end of the larger nebula provided a brilliant contrast to the darkness.

Ana whispered, "Yes, it is magnificent, such a dichotomy…bright light and mysterious darkness. I wonder what secrets it hides." She paused before she continued, "I wonder what secrets you hide, John Sheppard."

He gave her a small half-grin, "What makes you think I hide secrets?"

"Well, this transport for one and the six others sitting in the hanger, all from different planets. I don't know much about the cargo industry but I do know that your ship is very large and from what Teldy told me, you brought a full load of supplies to the station as well as passengers. What would you need with a Rondarian shuttle or a Persina transport like this one?"

"Well, as I explained yesterday, the reason only two of us are going in first, is because in most of these smaller systems, freight transport is conducted by small independents; usually, a two or three-man crew, often family owned. They use smaller transports like this that can still carry quite a bit of cargo, but are nowhere near as large as the Pegasus. Gives us a plausible cover to land on the planet and begin to ask questions."

"So you thought that by masquerading as a 'team' would give us good cover."

"You wanted to participate; since the population of the planet is so low, the Pegasus coming in would be too flashy, so small needs, small ship." He made a minor course correction. "So, it's you and me to scout out the area and find out what's going."

"Then we call the others to come in and help."

That's the plan; just don't forget that you are not Ana Élan, you are Ana Stephan and I'm John Braden of Persina Prime, hence the Persina cargo ship.

"I know; Dr. Beckett gave me the background I need to remember when he reprogrammed my Ident chip. What he didn't tell me was what the relationship was between these two…brother-sister, friends, or…lovers. "

Sheppard shrugged, "Well, brother and sister…I don't think so," turning to her, his eyes intense, "As for those other two, which do you prefer?"

Ana didn't answer but her shallow breaths told him all he wanted to know, he looked back at the HUD, displaying their descent to the planet. "The colony is located about ten clicks from a fairly good sized village, surrounded by agriculture. We'll tell them we're looking for produce for the Persina Mining Cooperative."

The cargo transport broke through the clouds and before them was a pristine planet. Rolling hills extended to the horizon where they met a ragged mountain range, dark clouds obscuring the peaks; to their left, the village spread across a small valley between the hills, in the distance to their right, the colony. Sheppard banked the transport to the right.

"Let's take a quick look, before we land."

Ana asked nervously, "Isn't that dangerous to let them know we're here?"

"We're simply cargo merchants, curious about that big colony, which looks like a promising source of produce, or maybe they need supplies. Don't worry, it fits with our cover."

A tall stone wall surrounded the colony; Sheppard chose not to fly directly over the area but flew along the perimeter. Half of the colony consisted of narrow roads laying uniformly in a grid pattern, single and two-story buildings filling the area between the roads. There was a large section of the grounds devoted to a cultivated area along with a small landing pad, while an enormous building filled the remainder of the enclosed area. Only a few people were milling around the outside, all looking up at the transport as it flew by.

"It's so desolate; I can't imagine what my father would be doing there, if that's where he is.'

"Well, they know we're here; time to head for the village, we'll see if our fly-by got their attention." Sheppard increased the ship's speed and in a few minutes, he requested and received permission to land at the village's small spaceport. After going through the landing checklist, he swiveled his seat toward Ana. "Come on; let's go find your father."

The main street leading from the space port took them directly to the center of the village. The buildings were run down, what little vegetation that was alive was ragged and overgrown. There was a chill in the air, the smell of wood and coal fires leaving an acrid stench in the air.

"Well, can't ever say I don't take you to the nicest places in the galaxy."

Ana chuckled at hi remark, "You certainly do know how to show a girl a good time."

He leaned down, whispering, "I just got started." He took her arm, "I think the local tavern is the best place to find out what's going on here."

They entered the tavern, a dark place smelling of alcohol and burning wood. A large fireplace dominated one wall, a long worn wooden bar the other, in between rickety-looking tables and chairs were scattered about. There were about twenty people seated and a few people at the bar.

Sheppard felt the hair on the back of his neck prickle; he knew Ana would get attention, but the leers coming from the men in the tavern were making him uncomfortable. He slid his arm around her waist, and felt her tense.

He whispered, "I don't think these guys have seen such a beautiful woman in a very long time. So it's decided, we’re lovers; they might think twice before they make a move if they think we're together."

She whispered, "Beautiful?"

"Yeah…," he brushed his lips against hers, "Beautiful."

They sat down at the bar, and the bartender, a rough looking heavy-set man approached, "What can I get for you, strangers?"

"A couple of ales and some information," Sheppard threw some Alliance credit chips on the worn bar counter.

"Ale I can give ya, but information, depends on what ya want to know."

"We're looking for produce for the Persina Mining Cooperative, any farmers here who might have some to sell?"

"Might be, Hoglan Ivey might be your best bet. He's got a huge draca farm; heard he had a big crop this year. You'll find him south of here, about five clicks out of town." He sat the ales in front of Sheppard and Ana.

"Thanks…tell me, what's that big compound about ten clicks from here? Sheppard had asked casually, but he saw the flicker of fear in the bartender's eye.

"Don't know much about them, they keep to themselves." The bartender walked away but not before his eyes darted toward two men sitting at one of the tables near the fireplace.

Sheppard picked up the ales, "Let's go sit near the fire, might as well enjoy the warmth."

They sat at a table next to the fire; Ana took a sip of ale, then a long gulp. Sheppard laughed, "Like that?"

"Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do; good ale. I saw the bartender look at those two guys sitting at the other side of the fireplace. I think he's hiding something."

"Yeah, me too." He took a drink, "You are a good judge of ale…this is good."

"I'm a pretty good judge…of everything…" she hesitated, sadness flooding her eyes, "well, of almost everything."

Sheppard grabbed her hand, holding on tightly but not saying a word. Ana took a deep breath, "This fire is hot." She pulled off her jacket, slinging it across the back of her chair, then pushed the sleeves of her black shirt to her elbows.

They sat quietly observing the bar patrons. The two men the bartender seemed nervous about had been watching them closely. One had left for a few moments, and spoke quietly to the other when he returned. About ten minutes later, they left the bar.

Sheppard grabbed Ana's hand, "Let's see where those guys are going." He helped Ana with her jacket, and they exited the bar. The two men had crossed the street and were heading toward the spaceport.

They followed the men to the narrow gateway of the spaceport, where they seemed to disappear. Sheppard stopped, "Wait here, let me see where they've gone."

"No, I'm going with you."

Sheppard wanted to tell her no, but knew that he couldn't, "Okay, but stay behind me."

Cautiously, they entered the spaceport; Sheppard pointed to the right as he saw the two men heading toward a small ship. He had turned to go that way, when strong arms grabbed him. He heard Ana's small yelp as she was grabbed as well. He struggled to get loose of the man's grip but couldn't; the man was as strong as Ronon. The bar patrons they had originally followed and turned around and joined the attackers.

Another man, tall, thin, wearing a dark uniform approached, "Well, let's see if you are right, Gorjan." Turning to Ana, he grabbed her right arm and pushed up her coat sleeve, exposing the metal cuff she wore. He examined the cuff, "Ah…you were right."

He pulled Ana close to him, "Where did you get this?"

"I traded for it somewhere, don't remember?"

"I don't believe you." He turned to his companions, "Load them into the ship. Peer Haron will want to see them."

Ana and Sheppard were hustled onto a sleek dark transport, and secured in seats before take off. One of their captors scanned their Ident chips, reporting, "They are John Braden and Ana Stephan, Persinians and registered cargo transporters."

"We'll see if that is really who you are."

A brief flight and the ship descended, when Sheppard and Ana were taken off the transport, they realized they were inside the compound. Their captors hustled them into a small-motorized cart and after a short drive, stopped in front of a two-story building, and took them inside.

The interior of the building belied the exterior. Inside the lights were dim, the room filled with very advanced technology, and a décor that bordered on understated opulence. A door slid open and striding toward them was a very tall man dressed in long pale-blue robes. His waist-length silver hair was gathered in a ponytail, his eyes a piercing blue. He stopped in front of Ana, grasping her wrist and lifting her arm, examined the metal cuff she wore.

"I have not seen this in a very long time." He dropped her hand and addressed Ana and Sheppard, "I am Peer Haron; we have much to discuss, like where you acquired the 'Bracelet of Maras.' Degan, please take them to the security building; make them comfortable."

Sheppard asked, "Who are you and what is this compound?"

"I told you, I'm a Peer Haron; I am the governor of this compound, as you refer to it. As to what the compound is, I was remiss in not welcoming you to Colony Nine of the Prion Empire."

To be continued…


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Dec. 3rd, 2011 08:09 pm (UTC)
I'm really enjoying this story!! It's strange watching Rodney and Sheppard as people who don't know each other. Ana and Sheppard....well I think you might guess I like this couple a lot!!! What's going to happen to them now?
Really looking forward to what the next prompt is and where you'll take this story with it hon. Very brave venture building a story based on unknown prompts each week. I hope the next one is as good fro you as this one was.
Dec. 4th, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
Oohhhh.... such fun!

Nice use of the prompt and interesting story.

Will wait (not so) patiently for more!
Dec. 10th, 2011 10:29 pm (UTC)
Oh, very interesting! I wonder what kind of colony it is... Headed off to read part 3!
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