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Amnesty 201111 is closed!

esteefee is being kind and posting these for lilyfarfalla, who doing some neighborhood volunteering this morning.

[ed. note: lily said that, not me! I'm not kind! however, it serves to express this posting is hers. --esteefee]

Amnesty week is over, alas! But no worries, it'll be back in another couple of months, which, if they go by as quickly as the last few, should be in no time at all.

Here is all of our amnesty fanwork from this week. You guys were just bursting full of stories untold, and I'm delighted to see so many of them here!

Rewritten by hoktauri (John/Rodney) : If anyone is going rewrite John Sheppard's future, it's damn well gonna be John.
The rules of Thermodynamics the Pegasus remix. Part 3 The second Law by scarlettandblue (John/Rodney) : Only entropy comes easy. Anton Chekhov
In Any Skin by altyronsmaker (John/Rodney) : It's only his outside; a man can be honest in any sort of skin. - Herman Melville. It'd been almost 25 years since he'd seen his initials so intimately close to someone else's.
Team Shadow Puppet Theater Night in Plato's Cave by that_which (John/Rodney)
"Hey, Buddy, Wanna Have Some Fun?" by mific: Rentboy!John
Rule Breaker by archet (John/Rodney) : Jennifer's hand covered his, a steady touch and John didnít want to look at her, but he did it anyway. He owed her.
The Party by squidgiepdx (John/Rodney, Evan/David) : It's been raining on Atlantis, the expedition is in quarantine, Woolsey throws a party, and John is grumpy.
Another Moment at the Party by squidgiepdx (Evan/David) : David and Evan share a quiet moment at the quarantine party.
Topped With A Bow by hanorganaas (John/Rodney) : John does something rather creative for Rodney's birthday.
The rules of Thermodynamics the Pegasus remix. Part 3 : the interlude by scarlettandblue (John/Rodney) : Marc Maron once said: For my next trick I will make everyone understand me.
Comfort by stella_pegasi (Gen) : Everyone needs a little comfort.

Go ahead and add your story to its collection over at the AO3, if you are so inclined.


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Nov. 13th, 2011 07:59 am (UTC)
What, you are totally kind. I made you say it about yourself so it must be true. ;)

Seriously, thanks so much. I fear I'm going to be on posting duty from now till forever, but that is totally cool.
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