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Week #6: Pariah is Closed!

oh, lovely peeps, you made us such tasty Pariah treats, including angst, crack, and stuff in between:

Keep Out by black_raven135 (gen) : Sheppard thought he must be seeing things...
Misfits by esteefee (gen) : Rodney McKay is a toy elf  dentist theoretical astrophysicist. John Sheppard is one of Santa's reindeer a blacklisted, red-nosed renegade, Ronon Cornelius Dex is a prospector Bumble Killer and Teyla Emmagan is a Smiling Sally Doll Perimeter Sentry at the Island of Misfit Toys.
Not Infallible, Still Heroic by altyronsmaker (gen) : He’d surrendered to the power of the Wraith, like his friends before him. He didn’t know how to come back from that.
Doing Their Duty; or, You Can’t Spell Parrish Without Pariah by squidgiepdx and elderwitty (Lorne/Parrish, John/Rodney) : David Parrish thoroughly enjoyed being treated like a god after bringing the edible plant he discovered on PX-L4X back to Atlantis.
A Well-Deserved Reward by trillingstar (John/Rodney) : "Is that a laugh of self-deprecation, because trust me, if I was getting eaten by a crazed vampire alien, I'd be totally fine with you ending my life, okay," Rodney says. His gaze dips down to John's mouth. "Or is it because I just made my boss sound like my pimp?"
\o/ Lemon Chicken in the Mess!!! by lilyfarfalla (John/Rodney) : It wasn’t until Miko that Rodney noticed something was wrong.
Never Make Them Cry by stella_pegasi (gen) : When will Rodney learn to think before he speaks?

Pariah Collection on AO3.

Thank you! Pariah is now closed. Stay tuned for this week's prompt.

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