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This week we have picture prompts, and lilyfarfalla suggested a recent A Softer World strip: "I think up ciphers/to trace onto your skin/because it doesn't feel safe to just say I love you." I was inspired to make a rec list of my favorite fics in which characters write on another's skin to express how much they care about each other.

Inscribed by xparrot
Gen, Teyla and Rodney, 1658 words
Summary: Every couple months, Teyla needs to refresh Rodney's runes.
This fic is part of sholio's and naye's wonderful whaleverse, a fantasy AU that I wholeheartedly recommend. To understand this fic all you need to know is that Teyla is a rune mage and Rodney was raised by whales on Atlantis and can talk to them. (Trust me, it's awesome.) It has minor spoilers for the main story, A Clear and Different Light.
"Inscribed" is a wonderful friendship story. It shows how comfortable with each other and how close these two people from different worlds and with different personalities have become. There is teasing, a tickle fight, gossiping whales (of course, Rodney), and a lot of warmth in here.

Harvest Festival by ras_elased
Explicit, McKay/Sheppard, 6,8k words
In this AU Rodney is a priest who prepares John for a ritual by painting his body. He isn't allowed to touch John, so he uses the paint on his fingers and brush as foreplay a substitute. It's sensual and hot.

Scrawl by isagel
Explicit, McKay/Sheppard, 2537 words
Summary: He can watch now, see the signs take shape, and of course they aren't words but numbers, equations, scrawled in oxblood ink across his torso.
The Ancients have weird ink (handwave, handwave.) Another sentence with my favorite image from this story: For a moment, he closes his eyes and lets the warmth of Rodney's scribbles, Rodney's thoughts, wrap around him like an embrace.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and if you do, please leave feedback for the authors.


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Aug. 25th, 2012 06:13 am (UTC)
This is so exciting!! Yay!!
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