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Week 61: Base, is open!

Hey guys, due to circumstances, doing thing a tiny bit different this week. Posting the NEXT week's word a little early, and will do the roundup a little bit late. Hope it's not too confusing.

For week 61, the word is base. So so many SGA references in the definitions....


1. the bottom support of anything; that on which a thing stands or rests: a metal base for the table.
2. a fundamental principle or groundwork; foundation; basis: the base of needed reforms.
3. the bottom layer or coating, as of makeup or paint.
4. that from which a commencement, as of action or reckoning, is made; a starting point or point of departure.
5. Baseball
    a. any of the four corners of the diamond, especially first, second, or third base. Compare home plate.
    b. a square canvas sack containing sawdust or some other light material, for marking first, second, or third base.
6. Military
    a. a fortified or more or less protected area or place from which the operations of an army or an air force proceed.
    b. a supply installation for a large military force.
7. Geometry
    the line or surface forming the part of a figure that is most nearly horizontal or on which it is supposed to stand.
8. Mathematics
    a. the number that serves as a starting point for a logarithmic or other numerical system.
    b. a collection of subsets of a topological space having the property that every open set in the given topology can be written as the union of sets of the collection.
    c. a collection of neighborhoods of a point such that every neighborhood of the point contains one from the collection.
    d. a collection of sets of a given filter such that every set in the filter is contained in some set in the collection.


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Jul. 21st, 2012 08:55 pm (UTC)
and there's chemistry, too!
Jul. 22nd, 2012 04:47 pm (UTC)
Oh geez, I didn't even get to the chemistry, you're right!
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